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Misguided Eco-Labels Hurt Sustainable Fishing

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If you're buying fish at the seafood counter and don't have your sustainable seafood, don't depend on the grocery store to let you know what is environmentally-friendly.

“People often think that if they buy seafood with an eco-label, it’s automatically a good choice,” said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch.

Labels that say "sustainably harvested" or "environmentally produced" may seem like a better option, but it's misleading. There is no regulated definition for sustainablility.

“Consumers aren’t told that these labels often have a ‘pay to play’ aspect,” added Marianne Cufone, director of Food & Water Watch’s fish program. "We need government standards. And they need to be rigorous so consumers can make truly informed decisions about what seafood to buy.”

It seems to be a completely reasonable request.

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