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China Steps Up For Animals, Bans Zoo Abuse

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China bans animal circus

We applaud the Chinese government for stepping up for their animals and banning animal circuses and other zoo abuse nationwide.

Zoos will be forced to stop pulling the teeth of tiger cubs so that zoo visitors can hold them, can no longer sell animal parts in their shops (gross), and the zoo restaurants can no longer sell dishes made from rare animals (grosser).

On top of this, zoos will need to end the attractions in which live animals are sold to visitors and then thrown to the wild cats, allowing the visitors to watch the cats rip the defenseless animals to shreds (grossest!).

Finally, the zoos will also need to provide the animals with adequate housing, away from disturbance and irritation.

This is awesome news!

This ban comes after a three-month investigation, during which China's State Forestry Bureau discovered that more than 50 zoos contained animals that had suffered severely from abuse.

In some zoos monkeys were forced to fight each other, elephants are prodded with electric shocks during training sessions, and black bears are guided and pulled around by cables inserted into their nostrils.


Here is some less awesome news though.

According to the ASPCA, many animals in the United States are still trained using physical abuse and intimidation and there is currently no government agency in the United States that monitors the animal training of circuses.

Let's hope our great nation will follow the example set forth by China.

[Image via AP Images.]

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