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Anti-Depressants Found In Montreal River May Be Affecting Fish

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Anti-depressants in water can affect fish

Well, this is just proof that no matter what we do, we may just end up destroying the planets natural balance. Even if we take anti-depressants!

A recent research study has found anti-depressants, passed through sewage water into Montreal's Saint Lawrence river ecosystems, accumulate in fish and can alter their brain activity.

The anti-depressants are passed into sewage through our, uh, you know…and since Montreal's sewage system treats solid waste but does not disinfect wastewater (which is a gross thought all together), anti-depressants are infecting the water.

A researcher says:

“We know that antidepressants have negative side effects on human beings, but we don’t know how exactly these chemicals are affecting the fish, and by extension, the Saint Lawrence River’s ecosystem. Nevertheless, we are seeing an impact on the river’s ecosystem, which should concern cities everywhere.”

We're still A LITTLE more concerned with infected sewage wastewater flowing into our rivers, but we get it. A little dose of anti-depressant could throw off the entire ecosystem.

Last year research conducted in England discovered a similar scenario, but with shrimp instead of fish. The study revealed anti-depressants found in the water may have already the shrimp more likely to be eaten by predators.

The amount of anti-depressants in the fish is very small, but it is uncertain how little of the drugs can cause a change in small marine creatures, or even in birds that may consume contaminated fish.

Fish and birds? Could anti-depressants be the cause of all these birds dropping since Christmas?

Hey, it's possible!

While it isn’t known exactly if the anti-depressants are having negative effects on Montreal fish, in humans they can cause decreased libido, weight gain, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, blurred vision, nervousness and constipation.

This is definitely something scientists should keep their mind on, but maybe all the fish will just become overwhelmingly happy!

[Image via AP Images.]

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