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Rhode Island Dog Calls A Frozen Park Home

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Chance runs free


A Rhode Island dog named Chance who calls Roger Williams Park home, despite the freezing cold temperatures, has won the hearts of local residents and park employees.

Residents have been unsuccessfully trying to capture the short-haired brown dog believed to be an American pit bull terrier since January when the local newspaper wrote about sightings of the dog running free in the park.

Despite locals, who fear for the animals safety, offering him steak and McDonald’s hamburgers to lure him toward capture, Chance will not come near humans and is quite cunning.

An animal trapper from Massachusetts naively tried to trap the stray by using a Havahart cage disguised by blankets, but the clever canine didn't fall for the trick.

The trapper placed food and a blanket inside, but Chance instead pulled the blankets off to reveal the cage and their plan.

That is one smart dog!

Park ranger Erik Lundblad is the closest human being Chance might consider a friend since the ranger leaves food out for the dog every morning and has given up on capturing him this winter.

He's even discovered that the dog crawls into a hole in the ground covered by brush at night, but will not disclose its location because he doesn't want people to come and scare him off.

The ranger is also aware that a cornered animal can be pretty dangerous and doesn't want anyone getting hurt.

It's seems pretty clear that Chance has no desire to be caught and wherever he came from, doesn't want to go back.

We can't help but feel bad for the poor pooch stuck outside in the cold this winter, but at least he doesn't appear to mind.

Authorities plan on waiting until Spring to try to catch the wild dog, but based on their track record so far, we're a little skeptical they even have a chance.

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