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Sassy Runaway Peacock Is Returned To The Bronx Zoo

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It Was Fun While It Lasted @Bronxzoopeacock

It Was Fun While It Lasted @BronxZooPeacock!

The Bronx Zoo's second escaping animal of the year has been put back in her habitat.

Zoo Director Jim Breheny said she was found Wednesday morning in the garage of a local business and safely corralled.

Breheny said the peahen, a female version of a peacock, has been examined by veterinarians and seems to be fine.

Glad to hear she's healthy, but - quick question Jim, are there zoo keepers at your zoo?!

Keeping up with the missing Bronx Zoo cobra and peahen's in the news and on twitter has been entertaining, but it kinda seems like escaping from your zoo is about as easy taking a stroll… in a zoo.

[Image via @BronxZooPeacock.]

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