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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Teddy Hilton reader Bella asks Teddy's celeb vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney for some advice for her kitty with poor potty manors.


My cat Peppa only likes to use her kitty litter once, if that, but usually prefers to do her business elsewhere anyway.

Why is she so against using her always fresh kitty litter?How can we get her to use it? She clearly knows where it is, but why is she so against it?

Dr. Mahaney's Answer;

Cats are fastidiously clean and instinctually so.

This is great for our busy lifestyles, as we don't have to put a large amount of effort into getting our kitties to poop and pee in the right location, most of the time.

Most cats will choose to urinate and defecate in a fresh environment or on a clean surface. Your cat may have a stronger aversion to her own (or other cat's) waste, so make sure to scoop the box at least twice daily. Consider adding an addition box in a quiet/private location to give her another option for a place to do her business.

As you mentioned that she exhibited inappropriate urination and defecation on more than one occasion, definitely schedule an examination with your veterinarian.

Before the diagnosis of a behavior problem can be achieved, your vet should rule out issues affecting her digestive and urinary tracts with laboratory testing and give your kitty a thorough physical exam (including a rectal evaluation to check and express her anal sacs).

Good luck!

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