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22 Gorillas Baptized By Rwanda's Prime Minister

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22 Gorillas Baptized By Rwanda's Prime Minister


Rwandan Prime Minister Bernard Makuza led a crazy-ass traditional ceremony on Saturday to "baptise" 22 gorilla babies that was introduced six years ago for the endangered species.

At the colourful name-giving event at Kinigi, on the edge of Volcanoes Natural Park, children disguised as gorillas represented the animals just outside their natural habitat.

At the ceremony Makuza gave one of two gorilla twins born in February the Rwandan name Ijambo, literally "the word".

"I name him Ijambo because what we do, the progress we make, enables us to speak in the concert of nations,"

Makuza said.

Guess when your Prime Minister, you get to baptize animals AND make up the names. Doesn't he have better things to do?

ANYWAY if you don't: click HERE to see an American gorilla breakdance!

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