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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Teddy's celeb vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney has some advice for Teddy Hilton reader Caitlin who asks:

My dog has serious separation anxiety. Anytime we leave he barks and cries. When we come home he freaks out and makes this high pitch scream and sometimes he will urinate on the floor. We have tried the leaving and coming back multiple times but it has not worked. We do not know what to do!! I feel so bad when I leave him! Any ideas??


Having a canine companion with separation anxiety can be a challenge for all family members, regardless of the number of paws they possess.

How old is your dog? How long has this behavior been going on? Is the behavior worsening?

All the above questions are important in our efforts to resolve your dog's behavior issues.
A starting off point is to have an examination with your dog's veterinarian to see if there are any health reasons as to why the behavior is happening. Diagnostics, such as blood testing, urinalysis, xrays are recommended, especially since he is exhibiting inappropriate urination.

It is very challenging to resolve such anxiety unless you commit to consistently using positive reinforcement techniques. Praise and a yummy/healthy food treat when he exhibits good behavior can help to refocus him and supersede his desire to act as you describe.

Good luck, Caitlin!

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