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EXCLUSIVE! Everything You Need To Know About Doggie Adoption

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Thinking bout getting a pet??

Well, first of all U HAVE TO RESCUE!! There are A TON of great dogs that need a home at your local shelter.

TeddyHilton.com's expert trainer Nikki Moustaki has some super fab advice for those looking to rescue a new furry family member!

Nikki's steps to adoption:

1. Make a list of the things your looking for in a dog (size, coat, breed, age).
2. Go to the shelter and stick to your list.
3. Remember you can't save them all.
4. Read ALL the information about the dog.
5. Choose a few dogs and play with them, see how you get along.

BUT that's not all!

Check out the video to get all of Nikki's advice for adoption.

P.S. - Learn more about our Nikki our expert trainer @ NikkiMoustaki.com!

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