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Sexy & Sweet: Mila Kunis Poses With A Kitten

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Mila Kunis glam cat

Kind of an odd pair…

Usually Mila Kunis as adarable with understated sexienss. But in the spread for September's British Glamour, Mila sexed out and let a kitten cover the cute factor.

The Friends with Benefits star tells the magazine some ways she's a bit similar to a kitty:

"I enjoy the simple things in life. My backyard. And if I wanna go out, I go out, but I don't need to go to the hottest Hollywood club so people can see me. I'm not a big attention-seeking person. I really don't need that type of attention."

Sorry bb gurl, but if you keep looking like that you are going to get A LOT of attention!! LOL!!

[image via Robert Erdmann / Glamour]

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