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Shark Attack = Free Sushi!

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This is an interesting promotion.

A restaurant in Smyrna Beach, Florida is offering free sushi to anybody who has survived a shark attack.

If you've been nibbled on by a shark, then YOU can nibble on some free shark rolls at Kaiju Sushi and Rice Balls.

Co-owner Dekker Dreyer, who has survived five attacks himself, is excited about the campaign. He says:

"The response has been tremendous. [Shark attacks] are something we've grown up with."

In fact, local surfer Joey G. showed proof of his shark attack and ordered a complimentary Jamaican-seasoned mako shark sushi roll. Dreyer says:

"He had the whole package. He had a scar on his leg and he actually had a video on YouTube of himself on the local news being taken away for first aid."

What a unique idea. Might as well eat the shark before the shark eats you!

[Image via WENN.]

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