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Bill Clinton Says Being Vegan Doesn’t Suck

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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton has gone totally vegan… sort of.

During an interview with Rachael Ray, he said he’s mostly vegan:

“I’m very careful, because strict vegans not only don’t eat any meat or fish or dairy products, but they don’t ever eat any processed breads and they’re very careful what kind of oil goes into their food. So I, you know, I can’t quite make that. My daughter, who was a vegetarian most of her life, beats up on me to eat more fish so I maybe have fish a little bit, once or twice a month, but I sort of lost the taste for all of it.”

When asked what foods he missed, he actually, surpisingly, didn’t seem to miss any, saying:

“You know, last year at Thanksgiving…I had, literally, I had one bite of turkey and one bite of ham. A bite. And I didn’t want it. And about once a year I have one bite of steak, and I don’t want it anymore.”

Wow, that must make being vegan a whole lot easier.

Matt Lauer also asked the former president if being a vegan “sucked.” Clinton responded:

“You know, when you get older your appetites change and abate, and you’re more interested in having another good day. So I’d like to have as many good days as possible, and this seems to be the best way to get it.”

Even if it’s less about the animals and more about the health, the animals still benefit, so that’s good. Unless you’re a tuna:

“I get a protein hunger so I, you know, I do eat fish from time to time, a little fish. I’ll eat uh, you know, a couple bites of fish or a little tuna fish if I get hungry.”

Regardless, being vegan is hard. So , you go, former president Bill Clinton!

[Image via Alice Luschin/WENN.]

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