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Scientists Discover Squid Species Into Same-Sex Sex

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Scientist discovered a species of squid that engages in homosexual sex as often as it does in heterosexual sex.

These kinky invertibrates don’t do it for fun as much as they do for procreation.

They live very deep in the ocean, where it’s very dark and there aren’t a lot of squid, so they literally shoot sperm at any squid they happen across.

And we’re not joking. They have projectile sperm that embeds itself in the partner squid.


They’ve joined a growing list of animals that engage in same-sex sex, such as dolphins and bonobo chimps.

Apparently it’s hard to tell one male from female squid so there is a biological reason for their non-discriminatory sex.

One of the discovering scientists said:

“The animal is not making a mistake. It’s not mistaken to deposit sperm with another male because somehow, the behavior works, or natural selection would have eradicated the behavior or the squid.

We still have squid.”

We support you, squid! You were born that way!

[Image via WENN.]

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