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The Top Ten Signs Of Cancer In Pets

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Most people don't realize that cancer is actually the number-one disease related killer of cats and dogs.

Here are the top ten signs that your pet may have cancer.

Be aware that though these signs can mean cancer, they don't always mean your pet definitely has cancer, though it is still recommended to take them to the vet.

10. Lumps And Bumps

Dogs and cats are often covered in the occasional bump but if it doesn't resolve itself or is growing, you should definitely take them to the vet.

9. Weird Smells

If an offensive odor (more than normal dog breath) is coming from your dog or cats mouth, nose, ears or anywhere else, it should be checked out.

8. Abnormal Discharges

Blood, pus, vomit, diarrhea or any other abnormal substance coming out of any part of your pet's body should definitely be checked out by a vet. Also, if their stomach looks bloated, it could be because of an accumulation of internal abnormal fluids being discharged inside the body.

7. Non-Healing Wounds

If your pet has a wound that just doesn't seem to be healing, at the least it could be an infection, all the way to a skin disease or cancer.

6. Weight Loss

If your pet is suddenly losing weight and isn't on a diet or exercising with you more often you should definitely take them to go see a vet.

5. Change in Appetite

Dogs and cats don't just stop eating for no reason. If they ever don't seem to be hungry it could be anything from an unseen wound, to internal pain to even a mouth tumor.

4. Coughing of Difficulty Breathing

This can be caused by heart disease, lung disease and also cancer.

3. Lethargy or Depression

If your pet is sleeping all the time, not playing as often or just unwilling to participate in whatever activities you normally do, it could possibly be cancer. Basic signs of human depression stand the same for most animals so it should be easy enough to spot.

2. Changes in Bathroom Habits

Difficulty in going, frequency changes or blood in urine or stool could all be caused by cancer.

1. Evidence of Pain

Limping or other physical, clear evidence of pain while your pet is walking or running around is usually associated with joint issues or muscle problems, but it could also mean cancer, such as bone cancers.

So if you notice your furry pal is anything other than their normal lovely self, you should definitely take them to see the vet.

Don't hesitate. It could save their life.

[Image via AP Images.]

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