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Q&A: Dog Looooves To Chew

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Lots of people have dogs who loooove to chew. So did this reader:

Dear Teddy,

I'm the owner of a Golden Retriever and I'm looking for a good a long, lasting chew toy for my pal. He's a rather energtic and active pup, and he puts his toys through the ringer with all his energy. Any suggestions?


Dr. Patrick Mahaney responded:

Hello Andy,

Thank you for your question.

You are fortunate to have such a pleasant breed like the Golden Retriever.

They are true companion dogs that I greatly enjoy having as veterinary patients.

Finding that right chew toy that survives the playful advances of a determined dog can certainly be challenging. I am pleased to hear that you are overseeing playtime to make sure that nothing inappropriate is ingested.

The toys that I know that seem to be the least likely to be destroyed include "twisted rope" toys and the Kong. A twisted rope toy can provide a flossing-like effect to stimulate gum tissue and remove debris. The Kong can be stuffed with healthy, all natural, preservative/artificial color/artificial flavor free treats, have the hole topped off with a natural peanut butter "cap", then put into the freeze to solidify the peanut butter.

This provides a healthy and entertaining play experience that most dogs cannot resist.

Good luck.

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