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Janet Jackson Fan Sells Memorabilia For PETA

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As we mentioned on Coco, Janet Jackson has appeared in an ad campaign for Blackglama furs.

Upset that she could make such a cruel and uncompassionate decision, a big fan of hers is selling all of his Janet memorabilia. On his eBay site he said:

"Janet has decided to partner with fur designer Blackglama and put her name on a line of mink pelts.

As the guardian to six rescued animals (three of whom are chinchillas, who [on fur farms] are bred in deplorable conditions and often skinned alive for their beautiful fur), I can't—in good conscience—simultaneously support this kind of cruel ambition while having a care for those without a voice.

I am responding with my own partnership with PETA and auctioning my entire Janet Jackson collection (over 60 items) and donating 100% of the proceeds to PETA."

What a great way to send a message that even if you maybe need the money, making the choice to support cruelty is never the right choice.

Here's hoping Janet gets the hint.

[Image via WENN.]

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