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Sperm Whale Poop Can Make You Rich??

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Sperm whale poop is almost worth its weight in gold, literally.

Not just the poop actually, it's a substance called ambergris.

Ambergris is a solid, waxy "gemstone."

It is a main ingredient in some of the finest perfumes in the world because of it's "earthy" tones.

A perfumer from California said:

"It's beyond comprehension how beautiful it is. It’s transformative. There’s a shimmering quality to it. It reflects light with its smell. It’s like an olfactory gemstone."

A pound of this "gemstone" could net you about $10,000.

Sperm whales make ambergris in their intestines as a way to protect their insides from sharp objects, like giant squid beaks.

It gets pooped out like normal excrement eventually, washes up on beaches and is grabbed by collectors who can sell it for $20 a gram!

A source who deals in ambergris said:

"There’s a whole underground network of full-time collectors and dealers trying to make their fortune in ambergris.

They know the beaches and the precise weather conditions necessary for ambergris to wash up on the shore."

Ambergris has been featured in rare perfumes that sell for up to $11,000!!

There was a report once of a couple going for a stroll on the beach, finding a 32-pound chunk of ambergris and selling it for over $300,000!!!

We're about to go on a sperm whale poop hunt!

[Image via AP Images.]

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