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The Legless Amphibian "Chikilidae" Discovered In India

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Several biologists in India have found that something that has been mistaken as snakes for a very long time (basically forever) are not actually snakes after all.

It is a legless amphibian called chikilidae. Kinda cool, kinda yuck.

This discovery is leading people to think about how India is really a great place for finding new species.

There are many biodiverse areas that are currently being developed in India's rapid expansion.

One of the researchers said:

"This is a major hotspot of biological diversity, but one of the least explored.

We hope this new family will show the importance of funding research in the area. We need to know what we have, so we can know what to save.

We hope when the locals see the name, and their language, being used across the world, they will understand this animal's importance and join in trying to save it. India's biodiversity is fast depleting. We are destroying these habitats without mercy."

The creatures grow to about 4-inches long and are incredibly fast and good at burrowing through even the toughest soil.

They can take days to catch, even if it's just one.

So cool there's a whole new type of amphibian, though they just look like fat worms to us.

Welcome to the world of science, chikilidaes.

[Image via AP Images.]

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