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12 Great Ways To Reduce Indoor Pet Allergens

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About 10% - 15% of the population has some level of pet allergies.

An estimated one-third of people who are allergic to cats still live with one anyway.

Pet allergies can be caused by a reaction to dander (dead skin cells and hair) or proteins in their hair, saliva and urine.

There are many ways to reduce the levels of pet allergens indoors so everyone can live a more comfortable, less itchy, life.

Lori Thomas Dickert from AllPetNews has some great tips:

1. Limit your pet's exposure to soft surfaces. (Like couches or your face.)

2. Keep your pet outdoors as much as possible. (Unless it's tornadoing out.)

3. Set up a place for pets to sleep, outside of the bedroom. (Preferably not in a dark hallway on the way to the bathroom.)

4. Use an air purifier. (On the air, not on your pet.)

5. Vacuum frequently. (The carpet, not your pet.)

6. Give pets a bath at least once a week with dander reducing shampoo. (Skip the candles and red wine. Pets prefer white anyway. LOLz!)

7. Wash hands right after coming into contact with the pet. (Unless you pet with your feet which is weird but less allergenic.)

8. Dust as often as possible. (Pull shirt over nose first unless you really love sneezing.)

9. If possible, replace carpet with wood floors. (Because that's not expensive or anything. Sarcasm.)

10. If you have forced-air heating and air conditioning, keep the registers closed in the rooms where pets spend the most time. (So your pets suffer with the seasons? Maybe skip this step.)

11. Litter boxes should be kept in an area where they are unconnected to the air supply for the rest of the home. (Like secretly in a neighbor's basement. That'd be funny.)

12. Remove clothing after playing with pets. (We like how this tip doesn't mention ever putting clothing back on again. This could be fun. LOLz!)

So make sure to follow these easy tips and hopefully you'll reduce your sneezing and sniffles and be able to keep your pet in your home and your sneezes in your nose.

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