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Bees Can Have Personalities??

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Honey bees are not the mindless drones we think of when we think of bees.

The University of Illinois conducted a personality study on bees and found they can be everything from very outgoing to lazy!

They studied their brains and their "thrill seeking" and found that some bees chose to fly all the way out to the edge of the yard to check out flowers over there.

Just for the sheer thrill of the adventure.

This is a trait shared with humans!


This means that when a bee attacks you, it might just be because it's a jerk.

One of the researchers said:

"Our results say that novelty-seeking in humans and other vertebrates has parallels in an insect. One can see the same sort of consistent behavioral differences and molecular underpinnings."

Basically we're not all that different from insects.

Everyone gets bored sometimes, and some are more adventurous than others.

Just like with bees!

So remember, the next time you swat at a bee, you might be hurting their feelings.

Maybe they just wanted to say hello.

Or they're a jerk bee and wanted to sting you.

Either way don't kill them, that's not nice.

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