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Sumatran Tigers Are Going Extinct… And It's Our Fault!

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Not us personally but humans in general.

A new study has found that the Sumatran tigers are getting closer to extinction because of human activities.

The problem is mainly the conversion of forests into plantations for palm oil, pulp and paper.

The study's co-author said:

"Big palm oil and pulp and paper companies are cutting down tiger habitat so fast that tigers have nowhere to hide.

This study is a reminder of just how important it is for us to protect the natural forests that tigers and other animals rely on."

It sad because we're destroying their homes and their hunting grounds.

We're also exposing them to more humans, and since we generally see wild tigers as dangerous, they are regularly threatened by humans.

"As ambush hunters, tigers would find it hard to capture their prey without adequate understory cover. The lack of cover also leaves tigers vulnerable to persecution by humans, who generally perceive them as dangerous.

Even with current legal protection for the species, tigers are not doing well in many places, especially those outside protected areas.

As long as forest conversion continues, tigers will require active protection or they will quickly disappear from our planet."

The WWF has concluded that to protect the tigers, the plantations cannot continue to grow.

They must preserve what little forest is left.

Save the tigers!!

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