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UK Woman Dismantles Car To Find Missing Hamster

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We can totally understand going to extreme lengths to help out a pet, but this woman in the UK literally had her car torn apart for her hamster.

Oh, and did we mention she only had the hamster for less than an hour?

It quickly escaped into her car on her way home after picking it up.

After five days of trying to coax the hamster out of her vehicle with offerings of food and water (that slowly disappeared each night) she decided she needed professional help.

So she went to a mechanic.

She said:

"I tried everything to get her out, even a humane rat trap, but after five days drastic action had to be taken.

I couldn't just let her live in my car and destroy it from the inside out.

I put food down because I didn't want her to starve to death, and as the days went on the food and water was disappearing so I knew she was in there somewhere, munching away.

She shredded the upholstery all around her to make a nest, eventually we found a trail that led behind the back seat and under the floor of the boot.

It's such a girlie embarrassing thing to have to go to a garage with but she was just too clever for me.

It took three mechanics an hour and a half to get her out but they were great, they didn't charge me a penny in the end because they were laughing too hard."

That's so funny!

We're glad you got your hamster back.

Next time, maybe make sure the lid on her container is secure before you go for another car ride.

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