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Ask A Vet With Dr. Jennifer Lu On Catnip

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Dr. Jennifer Lu is back and answering more reader questions!

This time, they asked:

"What is really behind catnip? Why do cats go so crazy for it and what effect does it have on them?"

Dr. Jennifer responded:

"The herb with the beautiful name, Nepeta catarina or commonly “Catnip”, is not related to marijuana or psychedelic plants, but rather to the more mundane mint family.

The animated, captivated and thoroughly “high” behaviors that your cat might exhibit are a response to the smell, but not all cats respond equally or at all. Whether your cat digs it is totally hereditary. The response to catnip can differ from cat to cat. Some cats become very agitated others become almost sleepy. The behavior can range from sniffing, drooling, pawing, licking, eating, vocalizing and chin, cheek and body rolling similar to a cat in heat as well as growling.

The response starts quickly after exposure but usually only last for 5-15 minutes. The chemical that induces this behavior in cats is called Nepetalactone and it is an olfactory (smell) response. Don’t waste your money on catnip for a kitten as the response does not occur before 3 month of age.

If your cat enjoys catnip it is safe to use and can offer wonderful environmental enrichment for a house cat. Don’t you wish mint tea could make you drool, paw, lick, roll on the floor or growl? Lucky kitties."

Human nip?

That'd be an interesting way to party.


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