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How To SAFELY Remove Ticks From Your Pet

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, with great weather and fun in the sun, there's also bug, bugs and MORE BUGS!

So how do you safely removed a tick that has its clutches on your pooch or kitty!

Follow these steps to make sure you do it right!

First, these are the things NOT to do:

burn them off
use nail polish
use petroleum jelly
freeze them off
flush them down the toilet (it doesn’t kill them)
use your fingers to remove it
squash the tick with your fingers

Now that we've got that out of the way, follow these steps for safe tick removal.

1. Use tweezers or a tick remover. Be gentle but also firm during the process.

2. DO NOT GRAB THE TICK'S BODY! Grab the tick's head or mouth parts, where they enter the skin.

3. Try not to jerk it out. Pull steadily and firmly outward without twisting.

4. Place the removed tick in a jar of alcohol to kill it.

5. Clean the wound with disinfectant or antibiotic ointment. Wash your hands thoroughly when finished.

Following the proper way to remove ticks protects your pet AND you!

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