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'Asian Unicorn' Dangerously Close To Extinction

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Already a rare sight to see, the saola may become nothing more that a fairy tale soon.

The saola, or Asian unicorn, is a type of bovine, similar to antelope but also related to cattle, buffaloes, and yaks.

It is dubbed the Asian unicorn because it is hard to see one in the wild and it was only discovered for the first time in 1992. The WWF and conservation groups say the saola's numbers are grim.

Many believe that only 10 to hundreds are in the wild.

High intensity poaching is the main threat to the species, with hunters setting up 1,000 snares at a time! The WWF has shut down 200 illegal hunting camps since February 2011, picking up 12,500 snares in the process.

No scientist has seen a saola in person. One was captured by a Laotian village but it died before researchers could arrive.

Will we ever get to see the majestic beauty person? Or will it just be a urban legend?

Poaching needs to stop hunting these animals NOW!

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