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Hate Spiders? One Therapy Session And Your Fears Could Be Gone!

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Arachnophobia is definitely not an itsy-bitsy fear.

But after a study conducted at Northwestern, researchers were able to help participants get over their spider terrors!

At the beginning of the study, some participants couldn't even get within 10 feet of a tarantula while others would stay out of their homes for DAYS if a spider lurked inside the home.

After a two to three hour session, participants were not only able to get close to a spider, but they could actually PICK ONE UP!

Not only that, the therapy treatment lasted over SIX MONTHS!

The therapy sessions debunked some common myths about spiders and tarantulas. Normally, these arachnids are trying to hide themselves and tarantulas can't hop out and "jump" through their cases.

So how about it? Would U go through therapy to rid a fear of spiders?

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