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Radioactive Tuna Invade Cali Waters!

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Radioactive Tuna Invade Cali Waters!

Here's your one chance to get a super power sick from radiation!

Thanks to the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactors that went down after Japan's 2011 earthquake, scaryass radioactive tuna are swimming around the cost of Cali!

Scientists know radioactive material leaked into the ocean cause they found lots of it in small fish and plankton. Howeves, they didn't expect the shiz to stay in larger fish because they "metabolize and shed radioactive substances" as they migrate across the ocean.

They were WRONG!

The huge 1000 lb Bluefin tuna did not shed the radioactive material half as fast as the scientists thought they could.

The radiation levels found in the big guys found hanging out off the coast of California — which is 6,000 miles away from the site of the leak in Japan — was 10 times higher than has been measured in that spot previously.

Experts can hardly believe this has happened. They're all like:

"We were frankly kind of startled. That's a big ocean. To swim across it and still retain these radionuclides is pretty amazing."

Amazing…. ly-terrifying!!!

Supposedly the tuna's radioactive levels "are still well below the safe-to-eat limits allowed by the governments in both Japan and the U.S."

BUT, just to be safe you may not want to risk it.

That is… unless you want those super powers. In that case go for it!

[image via factzoo.com]

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