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Cougars Are Returning To The Midwest!

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Cougars are making their way back to the Heartland!

Before 1990, cougar sightings were sporadic, as most of them were hunted due to lack of conservation laws in the Midwest.

Now, more than 30 sightings have been reported between 1990 and 2008, and a study are currently underway to determine the range of cougars.

In the study, carcasses, cougar DNA, animal tracks, photos, and videos are all under review to see how many cougars are headed back to the Midwest.

Unfortunately, this undoubtedly splits the Midwest in two; those who like the idea of living among giant beasts…

And the others who don't!

The trade-off with the return of mountain lions is more and more deer and other animals are being killed.

Cougars are secretive animals, so who knows how many are out there!

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