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Bees! They're Everywhere (In NYC)!!!!

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New Yorkers can no longer enjoy scorching hot summers in peace, thanks to a few (hundred) bee "enthusiasts."

Honey bee keeping was outlawed for ten years but the ban was lifted in 2010

Now everyone and their mom decided to be amateur beekeepers.

That's when the shiz hit the honeycomb. There are now over 180 registered bee hives in NYC but there could be as many as 400 nestled on trees throughout the city.

Bees are trapping New Yorkers indoors and in cars, while folks are quietly building a mass hysteria.

So much so that the city's bee cops are on constant patrol.

Luckily, honey bees tend to be docile so when a 20 feet tall swarm comes after you, you shouldn't be scared….


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