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Ease Your Pet's Fourth Of July Stresses With The Thundershirt!

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Fireworks. Explosions in the sky that make you Say Aah Aah Aah (thanks Trey Songz!) with their crazy colors…

But the July 4th can also do some serious damage to your pets' nerves!

Pets may panic, feel anxious, bark uncontrollably and even run away due to the fireworks. So how do you help make sure your pooch doesn't try to Shawshank your backyard?

Give them a Thundershirt!!!

The Thundershirt puts pressure around a dog or cat, producing a calming effect on your pet. Anxiety experts believe that pressure may create an easing effect and release endorphins to help soothe pets.

Along with the Thundershirt, here are a few tips to help calm your pet this holiday season!

1. Pet ID.

Make sure your pet has up-to-date identification in case he/she runs away when scared by noisy fireworks. ID can help your pet be returned to you safely.

2. Avoid Fireworks.

Don’t take your pet to events that involve fireworks. Your pet is better off being left home if you are going to partake in firework festivities.

3. Crate Your Dog.

If you regularly crate your dog, he/she may find the crate a place of comfort during fireworks. Make sure his favorite toy is available for further distraction.

4. Don’t Leave Pets Outside.

Keep pets inside as much as possible during fireworks displays. The insulation of your home will help drown out the noise and make your dog feel more secure.

5. Don’t Scold a Scared Pet.

This will scare and confuse a dog and reinforce fearful behaviors.

Overall, make sure your pet can enjoy Independence Day as much as you can…

By keeping him or her AWAY from fireworks!

For info on Thundershirts, visit their website HERE!

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