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Animals That LOVE To Smoke Weed Get High!

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As long as they are biting people's faces off or eating live dogs, it can't be much worse than other drugs!

There are many animals in the world that love to "alter their minds."

So which ones are they?????


Get off your high horse! No seriously!

Horses LOVE locoweed, a type of legume that makes them horse around. Unfortunately, this plant has the same effect as nicotine on humans, causing it to become extremely addictive as well as being bad for the horse's health.

Horses also like licking the back of frogs….eww!!!

Capuchin Monkeys:

These little rascals as well as lemurs use insect to get their fix. Their delicacy of choice is the millipede, an insect that secretes a toxin that not only deflects parasites away from the monkeys, but turns into a fantastic narcotic.

Again, there are side effects: The millipedes also secrete cyanide which can kill any animal.


What a bunch of stoners these guys are! Jaguars eat the roots of the banisteriopsis caapi plant. They gnaw on the roots, giving them heightened senses and a powerful high.


Santa! You are NOT getting your reindeer high again! LOLz!

Reindeer ADORE shrooms and being wild herbivores, they have strong stomachs. While most hallucinogenic mushrooms are deadly to humans, reindeer can gobble them up!

Rounding out this wacky list of fiends are the wallaby, big horn sheep, hummingbirds, and tree shrews.

Who knew there were so many…"recreational" animals!

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