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How To Get Your Dog To Love His New Sibling!

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Bringing home a new addition to your fam can be a tough transition…

Especially if there is a dog running things already!

So how do you get your two (or more) pooches to love each other???

Leaving your current dog at home is the best way to start the relationship. Two dogs fighting in your backseat is not the way to go!

When the two finally meet, make sure the meeting is NOT at your house. Allow them to approach each on their own, letting the mingle a few seconds before pulling them away.

Reintroduce them for a longer period and then reward with encouragement and treats.

When you finally bring them home together, keep them separated by making sure they have their own areas, their own bowls and their own food.

Allowing your veteran dog to come visit the rookie also helps ease the tension.

If all else fails, seeking out a behavior specialist can have your doggies turning into friends like peas and carrots!

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