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Ricky Gervais Slams Cosmetic Testing On Animals For Chinese Companies

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In case you hadn't heard, Ricky Gervais is fighting for animal rights, ESPECIALLY in the cosmetic industry.

The comedian has already voiced his disgust at Cardiff University's research of sewing a kitten's eyes shut, and he's spoken for Cruelty Free International.

Now, Ricky's putting his metal up against the giant cosmetic corporations who promote animal testing to sell their products to Chinese companies.

In China, it is REQUIRED by law for products to be tested on animals. Ricky is not too happy about this.

He states the following on the poor conditions of animal welfare:

It makes me really angry that this is still going on, and it makes me particularly angry that some previously cruelty-free companies are abandoning their principles and returning to animal testing in order to profit from the Chinese market.

China's cosmetics market is worth billions of dollars and virtually every major global cosmetic company is getting a piece of the action

However, on the brighter sides, reports state that China may be revising their laws, following Europe's ban on animal testing.

Let's just hope China does the same…QUICKLY!

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