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Hurricane Saftey Tips For Your Pet

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Hurricane Isaac is a reminder that nature can be a cruel and deadly mistress.

But what about your four legged cutie pies??? What can be done to help protect them for the harsh elements of hurricane season.

Luckily, the folks from Camp Bow Wow have a few tips to keep your pooch or kitty from becoming a stray.

To find out these tips, keep on reading AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Like Owner, Like Pet

If you’re going to need it during an emergency, chances are your pet will need it as well. Important documents pertaining to vaccinations or medications will be crucial in making sure your pet can stay at a shelter.

These documents will help you find the proper shelter or hotel in case of evacuation.

Think Ahead

Even when you first get your pet, getting a microchip could be the difference between keeping him/her safe and making them a stray.

Microchips allow for veterinarians to scan lost animals to determine their identity so that they are safely returned home.

Pack Necessities for Up to a Week

Enough H20 for your pet is crucial. Never allow Fido to drink water immediately after a storm as chemicals and bacteria could be abundant in tap water.

Also, be sure to stock up on canned food. Don’t forget a can opener, or buy pop-top cans to last you about a week.

Make Fido Feel at Home

Like people, pets tend to become stressed when their safety is at risk. Bring their favorite toys, ALWAYS have a leash and collar on hand for their safety, and a comfortable bed or cage for proper security.

If your pet is prone to anxiety, prepare him/her with a natural stress-relieving medication or spray to help ease them in times of emergency.


No, not the frozen kind – it stands for “In Case of Emergency.” If your pet is lost or runs away during an emergency, bring information that will help others find him/her like recent photos of your pet, behavioral characteristics or traits.

These can help others identify your pet and return them safely to you.

Ease Pets Back Home

Don’t allow Fido to run back into your home or even your neighborhood once you and your family have returned.

Your once familiar home could be disheveled and/or changed, and this can potentially disorient and stress your pet. Keep your pet on a leash and safely ease him/her back home.

Make sure they are not eating or picking up anything that could potentially be dangerous, such as downed wires or water that could be contaminated.

For more safety info for your pet, visit the Camp Bow Wow website HERE!

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