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Lionesses…With Manes?!?!?! Lionesses Showing Male Characteristics In Botswana!

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They are women, hear them RAWWWWRRRRR!!!

In the Mombo region of Botswana's Okavango Delta, lionesses are letting their hair flow in the wind.

In simpler terms, there are female lions…WITH MANES!.

Some believe that the increased "masculinity" could have happened during conception, while others believe female fetuses were exposed to an increased level of male hormones in the womb.

The prides of the maned lionesses seem to treat them like females, however they are most likely infertile.

But, since lionesses do all the hunting, these maned lionesses help fend off poaching males from their kills!

Panthera president Luke Hunter says the following about the maned lioness' possbile behavior:

It would be interesting to know if she behaved like a male.

Two similarly aberrant Serengeti lionesses were outwardly female—they did not have manes, but were almost male-sized, and they challenged and fought unfamiliar males for territories as though they were males!


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