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Can Drug Sniffing Dogs Conflict With The Constitution?

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This is a tough one to sniff out!

Two Florida drug busts are currently causing a stir in the Supreme court, all thanks to a couple of dogs doing their jobs.

In the first case, police received a tip from Crimestoppers that a house had illegal drugs. Franky, a loyer drug sniffing dog, smelled the outside of a house door before the police got a warrant.

Franky smelled drugs so the cops got the warrant and searched the home, where they found marijuana.

The second case is about a dog named Aldo. An officer and the pooch stopped a truck with expired plates.

Aldo sniffed the air and the police searched the truck and found chemicals used for crystal meth.

Case closed, right?

Well….not so fast: the Fourth Amendment in the Constitution protects homeowners from unnecessary government intrusion.

I.E. police officers can't randomly bust through your door.

So how does this amendment affect the drug cases in Florida, and possible homes across the country?

It goes back to the dogs. In the first case, the search was intrusive and humiliating to the defendant. Smelling the OUTSIDE of a private home isn't the best way to go about an investigation and the Supreme Court could overturn the case.

In the second case, the distinction between private property (a truck vs. a house) and a dog's mistakes weigh heavily on the bust.

The truck owner was busted again for a traffic violation and Aldo smells drugs in the air again but when the officer searched the truck, nothing illegal was found.

It will be very inneresting to see how the Supreme Court rules on these case.

It could change the drug and homeowner industry entirely!

[Image via AP Images.]

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