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Chimps Know How To Play Fair!

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Great!!! Now we have even MAWR hide n seek partners!!!

Researchers at Emory and Georgia State Universities have found that chimpanzees can play nice with each other, much like humans.

They studied a group by playing the ultimatum game, a test given to humans as well.

In the chimp version, one of them was given tokens, one which represented fairness (each chimp receiving the same amount of banana slices) and the other selfishness. The chimps were able to recognize which scenarios were affected by their partner and the chimp pairs chose the fair option about 70 percent of the time.

The same test was given to children aged two to seven, except with stickers. Children at this age have the same sense of fairness as the chimps, and they too recognized which scenarios gave them maximum benefits.

The researchers believe fairness evolved alongside cooperation as our ancestors learned to survived and have a beneficial diet.

Along with cooperation, early ancestors were able to recognize when they were getting a fair deal and when they were getting cheated.

Crazzy!!! Next you'll be telling us that chimps can work together tooo…

Wait what??? THEY CAN??!?! LOLz!

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