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Crippled Baby Piglet Learns To Walk With Toy Wheels!!!!!!

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This is SO sweet!!

A crippled baby pig's owner got creative, and made his disabled pet a pair of toy wheels so the piggy can walk!!!

Now the pig can go to the market, or scream wee wee all the way home!!

This clip may not make your day, but it will at least make a part of it!

Watch the piggy pop a wheelie by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

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3 comments to “Crippled Baby Piglet Learns To Walk With Toy Wheels!!!!!!”

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  2. Bill Weymouth says – reply to this


    The wheels do not seem to rotate independently. This forces the pig to always go straight ahead or behind. This is probably why he does so many wheelies. Try using two axles.

  3. Miller says – reply to this


    Chris P Bacon! i love it, and his wheelies are too cute