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Britney Spears: How She Got Her New Pup!

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Britney Spears hopes that her next go around at puppy love will go a LOT better than the last time.

The singer has purchased another pooch as Hannah's health continues to deteriorate.

Brit Brit bought her pup directly from a breeder, avoiding Hannah's previous place of residence, Barkworks.

Companion Animal Protection Society is urging Britney join a class action lawsuit against Barkworks, which has shut down two Southern Cal stores but CAPS wants to Barkworks to go away….FOREVA!

Srsly…this place has an F with the Better Business Bureau…AN F!!!!

We wish Mz. Spears lots of success with her new babe….but it begs the question…

Why not adopt???

[Image via Twitter.]

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9 comments to “Britney Spears: How She Got Her New Pup!”

  1. 1

    She needs to stop buying these "teacup" dogs. Chihuahua's are the only breed of dog that are supposed to be 4lbs. When I see people getting "teacup" breeds it drives me crazy. They come from unhealthy lines and irresponsible breeders. The breeders do this to make money. A Maltese shouldn't stay that small. They are a toy breed and stay small, but they shouldn't be as small as a Chi ever. Teacup is just a word bad breeders use to lure people in. Look at the breed standard, if the breeders you're looking at is breeding small dogs then don't buy from them. I completely support good breeders and there are runts of the litter, but they aren't always the healthiest. Basically if you're going to go through a breeder, go to a reputable one or adopt a dog. These stores that sell dogs don't care about health and any breeder that says they breed teacup dogs are out for money as well.

  2. 2

    It breaks my heart that Britney just cannot seem to understand how irresponsible she is being by supporting poor breeders and pet stores. Puppy mills and backyard breeders are a serious problem! There are many rescue organizations out there that would love to assist Ms. Spears in finding the perfect little puppy for her and her family!

  3. 3

    I've only had one dog and I really bought it for my husband, it was an English pointer, he was a great dog. Only cost me $50 (back in 1980 or so). He did not have papers but looked just like the dogs in those English sporting prints.

    I'd sure love to have another dog, but have mobility issues, which makes walking the dog a problem, so guess if I do get another pet it will be a cat. They do have a nice shelter in my town, so would not have to drive to far.

    Off topic, can you please delete Asians Can Read Minds? Comments are totally not relevant to your story, and since this person's comments are long, they take up a lot of space on your server. Benn flagging his/her posts for about 4 days now, but maybe the weekend crew does not have the authority to take action? TY mods and Perez.

  4. entersnowman says – reply to this


    can't this bitch just rescue a dog from a shelter or adopt from a breed specific rescue group? I hate people who buy from breeders.

  5. 5

    Seriously, you have a mini goldendoodle! You did not go to a shelter to get it.

  6. 6

    Britney has gone through dogs more frequently than she's gone through frapps. She's had tiny dogs constantly and they always "disappear" when they grow out of the puppy phase, likely end up at a shelter and she is a HUGE CONTRIBUTOR to the fact that every day dogs are euthanized due to overcrowded shelters because irresponsible owners get "cute toys" then dont feel like dealing with the commitment for another life. She can't even take care of herself, she shouldn't be permitted an animal.

    WHy does britney go to a pet store to buy dogs? Britney's mind = "Ohhh cute im getting a little toy, y'all and ya'll wont see it in a month when im over it and its sitting in a cage in a shelter with a red X".

    Selfish whore. Go read a book.

  7. 7

    Re: bytchface – Seriously STFU!! If you read the WHOLE article, it says that she avoided Barkworks, where she got Hannah. That tells me that she is aware of their poor reputation. If she really was a "huge contributer" as you say, then she would've continued to buy dogs from a place she knew was bad. She's allowed to have another dog if she wants to! The fact that she keeps taking Hannah to the vet shows how UNSELFISH and RESPONSIBLE she is. Selfish people don't do that. Has Britney told YOU how many pets you could have?? No, and how do you know about her dogs in the past? Dogs die too just like people. Purebreds die even younger than mixed breeds. Some are naturally prone to a lot of serious health problems, so give it a rest.

  8. sam says – reply to this


    she's a fucking loner thats why she keeps getting a new dog to accompany her boring world of sadness in the future she will end up just like MJ die alone in her mansion

  9. 9

    Re: Midnight Empress – I can't even with you.