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Dog Survives Being Shot And Burned Alive!

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Bo, a shepherding dog lived on his owner's rural Wyoming property.

One day, Bo made his way onto a neighboring family's property and started raiding their chicken coop.

So the neighbor's 18-year-old son grabbed his rifle and shot the dog twice, grazing his cheek and then shooting him in the back.

The young man thought the dog was dead so he asked his father what to do. His father told him to burn the dog along with the chickens the dog had killed.

So he put Bo in a barrel, poured gasoline on him and lit him on fire. Then Bo sprang up and started running in circles!

That's terrible!!

That's when Bo's owner, Abby Redland, saw her dog running up to her house.

She said:

"Something looked very wrong. It was this terrible smell. His hair was melted and falling out. He was still smoldering."

Omg, we can't even imagine how scared she must've been for her pup.

She rushed him to the vet to treat the two bullet wounds and the third degree burns all over his body.

The vet didn't think he'd make it.

Cut to several months later and Bo is basically back to his old self. He only has a moderate limp and shorter fur now.

Abby continued:

"He’s still the same sweet dog. If you don’t pet him, he nudges you. Bo’s alive because he came home. He knew where home was."

We're so glad Bo's okay!!!

We love a happy ending!

[Image via Abby Redland.]

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17 comments to “Dog Survives Being Shot And Burned Alive!”

  1. Dubrockna says – reply to this


    I love dogs but one who kills chickens deserves to be shot and yes, killed. Chicken killing dogs are generally put down even by their owners as a rule. Those chickens are someone's livlihood after all. The dog's owner will have to confine or tie it up now to keep it from killing more chickens. Sorry, but this is the truth whether people want to hear it or not.

  2. gurrrl says – reply to this


    @Dubrockna, you're dumb. no dog ever deserves to die.

  3. lhobbs says – reply to this


    SICKENING. I would love to shoot and burn that piece of shit.

  4. lhobbs says – reply to this


    @Dubrockna seriously? Get real. Keep your chickens in a chicken coop… people that don't are idiots like yourself.

  5. Amelton says – reply to this


    @Dubrockna is an idiot. There are more ways to get a dog away from a chicken coop than by shooting it. This is horrible, the should press charges against the family that shot the dog! Also, what kind of jackass kills someones dog and burns it! If you have the balls to shoot it, have the balls to tell the owner what happened.

  6. Gayle says – reply to this


    An Australian Cattle Dog. I have four, they are extremely smart and tenacious. Happy he survived. To the idiot that says he should be shot for killing chickens-your an ididot.

  7. Jessica says – reply to this


    A pet dog is usually loved by their owner and they are part of the family. This makes them more valuable than someone's chickens. The dog's owner should have been asked for compensation instead of shooting the dog but that is how sane, intelligent people behave, not these morons. If they felt justified in what they were doing, they wouldn't have tried to burn the evidence. It come down to what's more important, the grief and loss of a family or $30 worth of chicken?

  8. 8

    Are you kidding me that he deserved this?! There are so many other ways he could have dealt with this. Get a better chicken coop, asked the woman to keep her dog under better watch, the list goes on. No animal deserves to die. Do you think a dog cares if that's your livelyhood? No, because they are animals. It's the owners of the chickens who are responsible for this.

  9. kimchee says – reply to this


    I've got chickens, sheep, turkeys, a cat, a turtle, and a Blue Heeler dog (like Bo). I don't let my dog run wild. If my dog were running wild and decided to go kill someone else's FREE RANGE chickens (because PETA would flip out if they were locked up in a coop 24/7, right?!), that person has the right to shoot my dog. I've had a dog (from who knows where?) kill about 7 of my chickens. If I ever get the chance…..that dog is history. It's the owner's responsibility to keep their dog under control. If my dog is out loose and decides to bite/attack a 2 year old in their own backyard - that's MY responsibility. Same goes for a dog who ventures into someone else's yard and kills their livestock or pets. If the dog cannot be contained - it needs to have a new and more intelligent owner who can 'outsmart' it. FACT.

  10. kimcheee says – reply to this


    @Jessica….. My kids consider some of the turkeys, chickens and sheep to be "family". We have funerals for them. How dare you call them $30 worth of chicken? You've never bought a bag of organic chicken scratch, have you? It's $20 for a week's worth if you've got 15 chickens. You keep hens that lay eggs for years and years. The investment is far more than $30 and they are loved. How would you like it if I called your dog $30 worth of meat?

  11. kimcheee says – reply to this


    What's wrong with everyone? Did America become the new India with sacred dogs? Do you really believe that these dogs should be allowed to roam freely and that they "NEVER deserve to die"? What do you call your religion? Dogma? Is it because Dog = God backwards? Is it a sign? Geeez. I hope you're all young. These comments are disturbing.

  12. Kat says – reply to this


    Here's the thing, the owner of the chickens should have handled it better. They should have taken the dog back to their neighbor (I'm pretty sure they knew who owned the dog), told them to tie up the dog or keep it in the house, demand restitution for the dead chickens and left it at that. If the dog continued to act this way, perhaps calling the local enforcement agencies would work. No animal deserves to be shot like that. If a dog attacks a human, that is a completely different story. I see my neighbor's Yorkies try to attack my cat who is sitting in our own back yard, and never once would I think about shooting the animal. These situations need to be handled much differently. Would you shoot a kid for hitting your son/daughter?

  13. schloop says – reply to this


    Re: kimcheee – Listen you dumb fucking bint. Think about it for two seconds. You kill the dog that kills your chickens, burn the fucker, and what happens? The owner gets another dog. They do the same damn shit with that dog, and guess what you have a brand new dog eating your fucking birds. Maybe, just MAYBE the right thing to do in a situation like this is NOT to kill the dog, but to talk to your stupid neighbor, tell them they're killing your chickens, ask for compensation and get them to control the dog. If they refuse, call the cops or whatever you americans do, trap the dog and take it to a shelter. Simple fucking shit.

  14. Molly says – reply to this


    @kimchee and @dubrockna, you both are complete utter nutcases and I hope and pray that u idiots don't own dogs. No dog should have been put through that agony over killing a couple of chickens which by the way you no doubt eat!! Is it then fair to say that if you eat chickens the same torture that poor dog went through should be put upon yourself??
    Really hope the owner of the dog presses charges against the dick that did this to that poor dog.. And any person that thinks otherwise is a f***ing moron!!!!

  15. kimchee says – reply to this


    Owners need to take responsibility for their dogs and their dogs' actions. If my 3 year old kid has a bag of chips (out by the chicken coop) in my 3 acre yard and a dog from one of the neighboring subdivisions shows up to grab the chips and my kid tries to keep the chips - that dog would probably fight for the food and bite my kid. So, tell me again, why the owner of the dog isn't responsible……because legally, they are responsible.

    Why do so many dog owners refuse to take responsibility and blame whomever their dog assaults - even on the victim's own property?

  16. kimchee says – reply to this


    @Molly - I am suggesting that dog owners keep their dogs on their own property and under control because of the dangers it creates for people and other pets. A big dog could kill a small dog tied up in it's own yard. Then it's dog vs. dog. Can you see why it's important for dog owners to act responsibly then? What if that dog on the loose gets hit by a car on the way to my yard? Would you have the driver of the car thrown in jail or charged with a crime? It's not the driver's fault if the dog is running loose. For the dog's and everyone's protection - dogs need to be confined to the owner's yard. Why do you have a problem with that?

  17. kimchee says – reply to this


    Molly, if you don't get back to me, I understand. You're probably looking for your dog because it got loose again, right? :D