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Tareq Salahi Gets A New Dog!

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Tareq Salahi & New Doggy

We mentioned a while back that when Michaele Salahi left her hubby Tareq for the guitarist from Journey, there were some devastating consequnces.

The worst being their doberman, Rio, dying of a broken heart! So sad!!

Well now a little light has come into Tareq's life… he got a new doberman!

He apparently hasn't decided on a name yet, but its somewhere between Bruno and Bravo.

The cutest, most bittersweet part??

After bringing the 1-year-old new doggie home, the pooch ran to Rio's grave!

He was paying his respects! Too sweet.

We hope your new pup brings some more light into your life, Tareq.

[Image via Tareq Salahi.]

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