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Paleontologists Discover Baby Dinosaurs Were Eaten By Prehistoric Crocodiles!

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Crocodiles are like great white sharks, they've basically been around since the time of dinosaurs.

Scientists have found out that ancient crocs and dinos didn't really get along too well.

Did they find angry messages scratched into rock??

Nope! They discovered croc teeth… still stuck into dino bones!!

Researchers found direct evidence of a small crocodyliform (prehistoric croc) biting a young dinosaur.

They found croc teeth embedded in the thighbone of young dinosaurs!

The researcher said:

"I was very surprised to find such clear feeding traces on such small bones. It shows the importance of carefully evaluating all the fossils collected from an area, and not assuming that some fossils won't be important just because they are very small or not completely preserved."

They even found similar puncture holes on the shoulder of the same dino.

Some croc really went to town on that poor little guy!

Now we're kinda sad.

RIP - Baby Dino

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