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How To Help Your Dog Become Accustomed To Daylight Savings Time!

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Save the date!

On March 10th at 2 am - all of us humans will be pushing our clocks back one hour.

For us to understand it all we have to do is look at our watches.

But our puppies don't have the ability to read time.

So your dog may be a little more than peeved when you change his or her schedule, like feeding & walking, just for your daylight savings time thing.

But you can help your canine pal!


By easing them into the schedule, that's how!

Alter your dog's day schedule until you feel they're comfortable with the new time shift! You can even start now by taking your dog on a walk a few minutes earlier. Your dog may be used to it by then!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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