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Why Kats Are Krazy For Kat-Nip!!!

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Cats love catnip!

Well at least a lot of cats do!

But many people including ourselves have wondered what it is about catnip that drives cats so crazy!!!

The answer is a compound in the catnip called nepetalactone which gives cats a pleasurable and happy feeling.

And when a cat smells that catnip - it is basically the equivalent of the high marijuana gives humans!

Killer, dude!

Not every cat likes catnip though.

Research shows about fifty percent of cats have a reaction to catnip.

However, if you have a kitten and it doesn't have a reaction - that doesn't mean it won't ever like catnip.

It could grow up, and turn out to like it very much!

So keep your kitty happy and get 'em some catnip!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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