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Kendall Jenner Plays Poolside With Puppy!

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Kendall Jenner

What a lucky life Kendall Jenner leads!

She spent her past Saturday laying around poolside, just lounging out and working on her tan.

She was also joined by a handsome young gentleman by the name of BHop!

That's Khloe's new doggy we keep talking about!

Kendall Instagrammed a pic (above) and wrote:

"pool day with the munchkin"

Ahhh! He's so CUTEEE!

And you're looking crazy fit, gurl!

The two of you should do a photo shoot together!!

Keep up that fitness/puppy love!

[Image via Kendall Jenner.]

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27 comments to “Kendall Jenner Plays Poolside With Puppy!”

  1. 1

    run puppy run!!!!!!! before mama pimp kris pimps you out also!

  2. 2

    I`m sorry, but you should NOT encourage or praise that model look Perez. That girl does not look healthy and definitely not fit (where is the mucles?)!

  3. 3

    Eww! She is BUTT-UGLY!

  4. 4

    Look's like Mama Pimp Jenner is back to work, Kim KarTRASHian is going to shit out a kid so no one will care about her, time to pimp out another daughter….

  5. alvira06 says – reply to this


    Obviously you do not know what fit looks like. She is just plain skinny/underweight. Fit=short for fitness. There would be some tone on that body. She is just skin & bones. Calling her fit is insulting to those of us who work hard to actually look fit…just sayin.

  6. 6

    …as I eat a muffin.

  7. Laura says – reply to this


    Someone give that girl a burger!

  8. JJ says – reply to this


    She is too too skinny, that's not fit.

  9. c says – reply to this


    by far the prettiest kardashian/jenner girl. i would kill for her body <3

  10. DearLAWD says – reply to this


    Goolawdy that must have been one helluva collage fund the Kartrashcans gave you beautiful baby. What is the deal—2 approved stories an hour–90% positive. You really do make deals with the devil.

  11. 11

    …a puppy….someone tell twiggy to gain about 30 lbs…..

  12. free says – reply to this


    Not crazy fit, crazy skinny. But then, she's still a teenager.

  13. Fitgirl says – reply to this


    Why is she so skinny now? She's not fit Mario….. She's looking unhealthy right now.

  14. Miss.Sarah says – reply to this


    Crazy Fit??????? She looks like an unhealthy anorexic!!!!!

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    That puppy is the best Kardashian.

  16. hi says – reply to this


    wtf that is news wow a ”GIRL” playing with a puppy

  17. 17

    Typical Kardashian pretending like they're posting pictures of [insert cuddly animal/prop] here when really trying to show off body/cleavage/booty. Also Kendall and Kylie are becoming more unfortunate and inappropriate role models for girls their age. It's sad to see how overtly-sexualized young girls this age down to 8 have become when before it was an age of innocence, wonder, and discovery of self. Now it's just about posing and trying to please others. Sad.

  18. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Allegedly, Kris J won't let her eat until she does something to produce income. Kris doesn't care what she does, as long it brings in cash.

  19. 19

    EWWW!! Tell that girl to EAT.

  20. carrie says – reply to this


    She is beautiful but she really has lost too much weight!! Thats scary skinny!! Definitely not fit…

  21. 21

    I agree with all of the comments saying she is too skinny. Good job, Perez… sarcasm.

  22. 22

    Re: Angela430 – Keep eating that delicious muffin, this girl wishes she was allowed to eat one too.

  23. 23

    Too skinny..there's a difference between being healthy and fit and..this..she's young still so I hope she grows out of this phase of not eating or thinking that being that thin is cute..

  24. 24

    Cute dog, wish I could have a nice beagle but live in a no-pets apartment bldg.
    She is a bit skinny, go have a #2 cheeseburger combo at In n Out, you'll feel a lot better.

  25. GeorgeX says – reply to this


    I was thinking same thing: Possible eating disorder?

  26. she says – reply to this


    leave her alone…stop treating her like an object…she is a young girl…stop sexualizing her…tired of seeing girls and women treated in an exploitive way…makes me sick…

  27. stephingo (@stephingo) says – reply to this


    Really Perez, how does she look healthy she is literally skin and bones! Go eat some food Gurl!