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200 Chicks Stolen From Farm, Animal Rights Activists Suspected

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baby chicks sotlen from farm(1)

In central Massachusetts, a farmer, Keith Kopley, said that 200 baby chicks were stolen from their pen!!

He believes that animal rights activists were behind the grand theft birds after he posted a pic of the birdies on Facebook.

Kopley said that the baby chickens were hatched in Pennsylvania and were delivered to him on Wednesday, March 13.

He put them in a sawdust-lined pen, set up two heat lamps and posted a pic of them all crowding around their food and water.

The next morning… they were gone!

He believes the theft wasn't about money because expensive power tools nearby were untouched and there was no evidence of a predator.

Police are investigating the matter!

Hopefully he gets his chicks back! Unless he was gonna kill them and make chicken nuggets.

Then maybe it's for the best…

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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3 comments to “200 Chicks Stolen From Farm, Animal Rights Activists Suspected”

  1. Open your Eyes says – reply to this


    What do you think he's going to do with them Perez?

    Don't believe that animals are abused? Here's some quotes from slaughterhouse workers themselves. I hope you people finally wake up and realise there are more pressing issues than who celebrities are dating.

    1. ""I've seen live animals shackled, hoisted, stuck, and skinned. Too many to count, too many to remember. It's just a process that's continually there. I've seen shackled beef looking around before they've been stuck. I've seen hogs [that are supposed to be lying down] on the bleeding conveyor get up after they've been stuck. I've seen hogs in the scalding tub trying to swim."

    2. "One time I took my knife it's sharp enough and I sliced off the end of a hog's nose, just like a piece of bologna. The hog went crazy for a few seconds. Then it just sat there looking kind of stupid. So I took a handful of salt brine and ground it into his nose. Now that hog really went nuts, pushing its nose all over the place. I still had a bunch of salt in my hand I was wearing a rubber glove and I stuck the salt right up the hog's ass. The poor hog didn't know whether to **** or go blind."

  2. Open your Eyes says – reply to this


    Re: Open your Eyes – Also your milk? A cow doesn't just make milk on command. They are impregnated over and over again. And once they give birth, they are held down as their calves are ripped away from them. Never to be seen again. Just so you can have your glass of milk.

    "The worst scream I have ever heard, and I have heard them all first hand [in slaughterhouses, animal research labs, fur farms, behind the scenes of circuses and rodeos], is a mother cow on a dairy farm. She screams and bellows her lungs out day after day for her stolen baby to be given back to her, and I can only imagine the same scream every woman in this room would make if somebody held you down after birth and stole your newborn baby from you" - Gary Yourofsky

  3. The Truth. says – reply to this


    One Meal in Exchange for A Whole Life.

    Educate yourself. There is no such thing as a happy little dairy farm. These animals live in the poorest conditions and are abused both physically and emotionally.
    Every bite you take of a patty, is just a moment more that you support what is done.

    Please please please educate yourself. If not for your sake, then for your childrens. If not for your children's sake then for your own animals. if we don't educate ourselves about what goes on and the type of people who are being allowed to do this, then it will never be stopped.