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Steve-O Elaborates On Why He Went Vegan

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We previously mentioned that Steve-O went vegan!!

The reason has something to do with drug use, voices in his head and karmic justice!

What can we say, he's a complicated person.

But all it took was one video about karma and spirituality to turn him all around.

Steve-O said:

"That video made me consider that I am responsible for the choices I make, that by choosing to eat meat I had been participating in terrible cruelty, and that I was collecting negative karma, which I would have to answer for."

So after watching the vid, he began to reevaluate his life and tried to find ways to live better.

He continued:

"I began to look for new ways to cut cruelty out of my lifestyle. I stopped wearing leather, eating fish and eggs, and once I bought my first carton of almond milk, I had become a vegan. I never really thought of it as a sacrifice I was making, rather, it was more like a game I was playing to see how good I could feel about myself."

We're so glad that he decided to become a better person for himself, to learn to love himself and all those around him.

Humans and animals alike!

Way to go, Steve-O!!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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