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Scott Disick Called Murderer By International Reptile Rescue!

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Scott Disick

We previously mentioned that Scott Disick upset people when he went out and killed an alligator all because he wanted a pair of gator skin shoes.

Scott should've been more caring and compassionate and maybe should've thought twice before shooting a gator in the face.

A rep from International Reptile Rescue, a nonprofit that does, what else, rescues reptiles, said:

"He didn’t kill that alligator, he murdered that alligator. Fairness would be to cut both his thighs so he bleeds and then toss him in a gator pond with gators small enough to rip him apart slowly and painfully."

Whoa! That's really graphic!

We understand they're upset but jeez, that's cold.

Though it is cruel and pointless, he didn't break any laws.

Don't think we're defending him though. We can't believe anyone would just happily shoot a living creature in the face.

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12 comments to “Scott Disick Called Murderer By International Reptile Rescue!”

  1. 1

    Wow Perez, why do you think this guy's actions are bad, but you put pictures of Beyonce's multi-animal foot wear on your fashion site and not say a bad word about her? I guess it is ok to kill the entire cast of the Jungle Book if it is for the 'queen'.

  2. Sofia says – reply to this


    I don't get why it's such a big deal, Yes when I watched it I was sad for the alligator but that is Scott's life just because he's a celebrity doesn't mean he can't do what other people do. Drives me nuts! Get over it people!

  3. lala says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Ahh but she didnt personally do it and Perez didnt see the animals before death, so that makes it liek totally ok and everything ^^.

  4. 4

    I don't get why it's such a big deal! It honestly don't matter to us, just because he's a celebrity don't mean he can't do the things other people to on a daily basis. I don't think it's fair for anyone to attack him.

  5. 5

    A lot of celebs have a holier than thou attitude. Then you get brainless idiots/immature people that have no sense of moral responsibility or care for anything else other than what revolves around them.
    I personally dont mind if an animal is used for meat and they use it's hyde - better to use it all than discard. But doing it in the name of fashion? SHALLOW. Cause their looks is all that most of these people have.

  6. 6

    What is it with these liberal twats living in their own delusional bubble. That said, it proves just how crazy animal right's advocates are. Threatening death? Funny. That said, I live in FL. Alligators are not only in abundance they are obviously very dangerous to small kids and domesticated animals. Hence why we're legally allowed to hunt them. There's some animals you definitely do not want over populating. I've had an alligator in my pool before.

  7. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    I believe in Karma
    and I think she will be coming around to pay a call on the Kardashian Klan

  8. alistair says – reply to this


    i would have paid anything to see him on the other side of that bullet…and given no mercy whatsoever. its disgusting and a sick mentality.

  9. 9

    i thought it was horrifying. but at the end, scott realized that it was cruel and he felt so bad about it, he was having nightmares about it. he learned his lesson and even stated, he'll never do it again. so why is it a big deal and everyone wants to be on his ass about it?

  10. 10

    Re: lala – Yeah, it's funny how some people think hunting is cruel, but don't have any problem buying meat from the grocery store, or eating a burger, or wearing leather.

  11. 11

    This guy is a total douche bag who has no respect for anyone or anything.

  12. Rose says – reply to this


    A lot of people who visit these web pages sound just as krazzzzzzzy as this reptile rescuer guy, and it's dangerous to provoke them into full grade stalker mode. If the gator population was not culled, they would make lunch out of babies and pets. Shooting is humane. It was done as a plot device, because people like to be enraged at Scott. Was it tasteful? No. Is it monumental? No. And it was not done senselessly, nor wastefully. What is done to cows and chickens is far crueler. Why don't these nutszos camp out at McDonald's?