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REAL Bunnies May Not Be Ideal For Easter Gifts!

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Bunny rabbits are like the cutest little critters ever, but if you're considering on giving someone a REAL bunny as an Easter gift, you may want to think twice.

According to the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, rabbits need just as much attention as cats and dogs, and because a lot of people may not be up for such a task, the poor bunnies end up in shelters.

The County Animal Care Centers spokeswoman, Evelina Villa said:

"People get caught up in the novelty of a live rabbit as an Easter gift, and they don’t really think about the long-term commitment. They are animals that need to be socialized. The rabbit does need to spend time outside the cage."

And on top of that, rabbits also need veterinary care and do need to be spayed or neutered in order to "eliminate marking issues."

With that said, if you are SERIOUS about gifting a bunny, Miz Villa is advising you to adopt one from a shelter because for just $25 you can get your rabbit spayed or neutered and implanted with a mircropchip.

We hope that you make the right decision when it comes to getting a live bunny because the last thing we need is for more rabbits to be abandoned!!

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7 comments to “REAL Bunnies May Not Be Ideal For Easter Gifts!”

  1. 1

    I own a rabbit that is just like a dog or a cat. He comes to you when you call his name and he loves attention. It makes me sick when I go online and see rabbits that are roughly 1-2 years old being given away or looking for a new home. It's obvious they were a bunny for Easter or a present, and people got tired of them. If these people would realize that a rabbit is just like a dog or cat, let them of their cage and spend time with them, they wouldn't get rid of them so easily. But, they don't and then they wonder why the rabbit is upset and not friendly. Don't adopt a rabbit unless you are prepared to treat them like a dog or cat, or better. They are incredible loving animals. I would never get rid of mine. He makes me smile every day!

  2. Brandt Hardin says – reply to this


    We must remember the true meaning of the Easter holiday and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Oschter Haws (the original name for the Easter Bunny) is a fictitious embodiment of all that is unholy with American gluttony for chocolate, candy, eggs and all things savory and sinful. See the Good Lord RISE from his grave and RECLAIM our sacred holiday with the Hammer of God at

  3. 3

    Also, Rabbits chew EVERYTHING! Do your research people before buying your kids a cute wittle wabbit!

  4. 4

    I remember in 3rd grade we had 2 pet bunnies. We got to take them home for weekends. I always signed up the most because I love animals. If you have a kid that loves animals then a bunny is a fine pet. They really have to love animals though because keeping a bunny in a cage is mean. I would always put them on a floor that was safe a play with them. It depends on the family and kid. My cousin had rabbits it a big hutch outside that they would bring in during the winter or storms. They lived for a long time and she took great care of them. Like I said, it depends on the person and family. I agree that it isn't a great Easter pet because it could be forgotten, but if you still want one in your family afterwards you can adopt one. I think they are nice pets, but they are a big responsibility.

  5. Bee says – reply to this


    Great that you posted this! Very important stuff for people to know. Bunnies are hard work and definitely not starter pets!

  6. 6

    Re: Bee – Thanks I agree! I worked with a fellow one time who owned some kind of French rabbit and it was incredibly smart. But this is not a toy to give to kiddies fo Easter. After a week or two the novelty will wear off, the kids will stop caring for it, the parents will get tired of taking care of their kids' rabbit and it will wind up in the shelter.

  7. Chola says – reply to this


    Most ppl dont realize before buying them that they are very messy. They literally can and will shoot poop pellets out of their butt and can lift their leg like a dog and pee on a wall and chew wires. They are adorable but more work than cats