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Dragonflies Are Pretty…Pretty Deadly!!!

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Dragonflies are one of the prettiest insects that we've seen on this earth!

But like Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element - the beautiful ones are always the most dangerous! LOLz!

Apparently dragonflies are one of nature's most deadliest predators. And not only that, they're pretty darn efficient, too!

Dragonflies catch about 95 percent of the other insects they target, and their killing methods are anything but pretty!

Here's what a professor of entomology, the study of insects, said:

“They’ll tear up the prey and mash it into a glob, munch, munch, munch. It almost looks like a wad of snuff in the mouth before they swallow it.”

One student who studies the insects at Harvard once saw a dragonfly eat 30 flies in a row. She said:

“It would have happily kept eating if there had been more food available.”


One of the reasons dragonflies are such good hunters is their wings. They are one of the most adept insects at flying in the world!

One scientist said:

“A dragonfly can be missing an entire wing and still capture prey."

They also have the largest and most perceptive eyes of all insects. The scientist said:

“They have a full field of vision. They can see you when they’re flying toward you and still see you when they’re flying away.”

They also have CRAZY focus where they can choose a target out of a swarm of insects, and zero in on them until they've caught their target.

The same scientist continued:

“It suggests the possibility of a top-down process of selective attention of the sort we normally associate with high order thinking. So here we have a simple brain of less than a million neurons behaving like our own brain of 100 billion neurons.”

They are basically the Terminator of the insect world.

Rather than dragonflies, maybe they should be called The Lord of the Flies!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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